1. Friction cannot be eliminated.
2. Otherwise, friction can be reduced by using certian material as follows.
(a) Rollers
(b) Talcum powder
(c) Oil, wax, grease
(d) Air cushion
3. Rollers are found in many objects such as roller blades, trolleys, chairs and skateboards. They reduce friction by reducing contact between moving surfaces.
4. Oil, wax, grease and talcum powder are used as lubricants to reduce friction, so moving surfaces slide smoothly over one another. For example, oil is used to reduce friction between door hinges.
5. An air cushion (layer of air) under a hovercraft enables a hovercraft to glide easily above water.
6. Aircraf and traina are designed to have aerodynamic shapes to reduce friction friction so that air flows smoothly. Smooth air flow means that less fuel is needed for higher speeds.